Talent Evaluations

A Realistic Assessment for Young Athletes
In my younger days, I worked as an athletic director supervising a very large adolescent and teen sports program. I am of the opinion that there are invaluable learning experiences associated with youth sports. However, there are also completely unrealistic expectations that can arise from youth sports success.  Particularly as kids get older, the competitive factor in athletics exponentially increases. Often kids are pushed to their limits and make tremendous sacrifices in an effort to be successful. Yet, success at the High School level does not guarantee anything. Time and again, I have seen teens crushed when no college offers them an athletic scholarship. The pain is particularly acute with the student-athlete who has sacrificed much of their High School experience, only to find there was no gold at the end of the scholarship rainbow.

Astrology can be very helpful in managing expectations. Using Magi Astrology I can give you very accurate information on the innate athletic skill level of your son or daughter. I can help you to see if indeed your child has a chance at playing in college or professional sports. You can then make better decisions on the amount and time and effort you and your child want to put forth in the quest of an athletic scholarship.

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