Magi Discoveries on Sports

The Magi Society Identifies Sports Champion Aspects
The Magi Society has conducted research on every single contemporary professional baseball, basketball, football and North American hockey player. In addition every all-time-great player for any era was added to the list. To top it all off, the best tennis or golf players throughout history were included. This research was one of the largest and most comprehensive astrological studies ever attempted.

There is a Hierarchy of Sports Aspects
The Magi have divided sport aspects into the following categories.

  • Ultimate Sports Champion Aspects – Mercury-Mars and Venus-Mars
  • Super Sports Champion Aspects – Mars-Chiron, Mars-Neptune, Mars-Pluto, Mars ex-dec, Venus-Pluto, Sun-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Uranus, Chiron-Pluto, Sun-Uranus, Sun-Jupiter
  • Sports Champion Aspects – Mars-Sun, Mars Uranus, Mercury-Uranus, Mars trine Saturn

To be a professional athlete you need a combination of multiple Super Aspects and multiple Sports Aspects. Those who possess Ultimate and Super Sports Aspects as a part of the equation tend to be the superstar players.


Magi Society Theory of Maximum High Balance Days
Note: The following is a technical explanation of a ground breaking astrological proof. The majority of the article addresses the astrological procedures necessary to determine Maximum High Balance.  It introduces many new astrological terms and concepts.  Even very advanced Astrologers can find the going a bit challenging. If you are an astrological novice or casual observer you will get the just of the theory in first few paragraphs and you won’t have to subject yourself to further abuse.  

This Magi Society theory is first and foremost a proof on the validity of planetary geometry. This proof was introduced in the Magi Society’s third book “Love and Money.” While the proof is far from simple it contains irrefutable evidence of the validity of astrology. The concept of Maximum High Balance Days is easily one of the most significant proofs in the history of Astrology.

In essence what this proof is saying is that every great athlete (virtually without exception) has a two planet aspect or a three planet geometrical alignment that can be classified as Maximum High Balance in their Natal Chart. Now for the $64,000 question…why does this matter and how do you use it?

From a sports astrology perspective, it matters a whole lot because Maximum High Balance Days show athletic potential and other types of potential. If it is a Double Pivoted Planetary Balance day, or a Super Balance Day, or a Pivoted Planetary Balance combined with a High Balance of Aspects Marker day, it can indicate superior athletic ability. High Balance days seem to provide individuals with increased energy, coordination, and stamina as well as superior injury recovery powers. Virtually all great athletes are born on a Maximum High Balance Day, usually on a day with Multiple High Balance. If of any planets in the Maximum High Balance alignment create a sports champion aspect, the effects can be even more dramatic.

If you start reading the terms and definitions and your eyes glaze over, rest assured, as you start practicing with it, it will eventually come to you. I recommend using the chapter 17 examples from the Magi Society's thrid book, “Love & Money”, particularly the NBA MVPs, and running the charts of those athletes for the day, the day before, and the day after.

First, I’ll define some of the terms because the terminology of this theory is beyond cumbersome. I beg your indulgence if this is too elementary but I wanted to write this so as many beginning and intermediate level Astrology folks could follow along as well. The genesis for this is in “Love & Money.” I’ve just reorganized and embellished it to make it easier to grasp. If you haven’t yet practiced this technique I suggest you have Michael Jordan’s geocentric chart (2/17/1963) out as you read along.

There are 2 types of PLANETARY BALANCE. The first is referred to as PIVOTED PLANETARY BALANCE. It is a unique form of planetary synchronization involving patterns of only three planets at a time. The fastest moving planet of the three is always the PIVOT PLANET. The other two slower moving planets are referred to as PAIRED PLANETS. Theoretically any planet except the Moon can be a PIVOT PLANET. However, an overwhelming majority of the time PIVOT PLANETS are the fastest moving ones; Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This group of fast moving planets can also be referred to as PINPOINT PLANETS. The other slower moving planets are referred to as the STABLE PLANETS. They are then subdivided with Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron being MODERATLY STABLE and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto being the HIGHLY STABLE PLANETS.

The Magi Society has said for PIVOTED PLANETARY BALANCE to exist The PIVOT PLANET must be within 3 and a half days (plus or minus) in time orb to the MID-DEGREE (see explanation below) of the PAIRED PLANETS. However, if the PIVOT PLANET is a PINPOINT PLANET (which it almost always is) then the PIVOT must also be within 3.5 days (essentially Magic Time), plus or minus, of exact aspect to both of the paired planets. [In Jordan’s chart Venus is the Pivot and Saturn and Pluto are the Paired] What this means is that it is possible for the PAIRED PLANETS to be a little outside of the traditional Magi 3 degree longitudinal orbs, but usually not more than a degree or so. Note that this is an exception to the traditional Magi Orbs, and to see PIVOTED PLANETARY BALANCE you need to at least visually expand your orbs. In Magi Society software set your longitude orbs to 4.5 degrees and you’ll be able to see the balance possibilities pretty easily. However, be aware that when the PAIRED PLANETS are in aspect (within traditional Magi orbs) the Planetary Balance is much more powerful.

NOTE: In “Love & Money” on page 382, #6, the Magi state that PAIRED PLANETS must be in aspect, yet their are a couple of examples of NBA MVPs on pages 378 & 379 that are not congruent with standard Magi aspect orbs and therefore you must be prepard at times to expand your orbs a bit, yet in every example where the PAIRED PLANETS are not in aspect by standard Magi orbs, the PIVOT PLANET is absolutely within 3.5 days (+ or -) of exact aspect to each PAIRED PLANET, with no exceptions.

ANOTHER NOTE: The PAIRED PLANETS are often from the STABLE PLANET list however, one or both in the pair can be of the PINPOINT group, it is just that the PIVOT must be the fastest moving of the three.

An Example of MID-DEGREE would be Saturn at 1.2 degrees of Aries and Uranus at 3.8 degrees of Cancer. By planetary aspect these planets are in Square to each other. The MID-DEGREE is the mathematical average by DEGREE NUMBER between the two planets. And, in this case it is 2.5 degrees of every sign. The formula is (1st paired planet degree number + 2nd Paired Planet degree number) Divided by 2 = MID-DEGREE or in this case 1.2 + 3.8 = 5. Then, 5 divided by 2 = 2.5 which is the MID-DEGREE. NOTE: If the Degrees are from the end of one sign and the beginning of the other i.e. 28.7 degrees Leo and 1.1 degree Capricorn see page 383 of “Love & Money” for the modified formula.

The second type of PLANETARY BALANCE is called BALANCE OF ASPECTS.  This is the easy one because it is when one or more 2 planet aspects are exact.

There are 2 types of HIGH BLANCE and High Balance is what we are looking for because that is when Planetary Balance transforms into something very meaningful.  The first is a specific condition of POVITED PLANETARY BALANCE when the PIVOT PLANET is at its closest point (exact or more exact than the day before or the day after) to the MID-DEGREE of the PAIRED PLANETS. This is known as PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE.

The second is when a single aspect between two planets is exact (or closer to being exact than the day before or the day after), also known as HIGH BALANCE or HIGH BALANCE of ASPECTS. If there are two or more aspects which become exact on a single day then the day has a condition called MULTIPLE HIGH BALANCE OF ASPECTS.

If there is a day that has both PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE and HIGH BALANCE of ASPECTS, the two planet aspect that is exact can also be referred to as a MARKER. Because when you have Pivoted High Balance and then High Balance of Aspects is added to the equation it is often a “marker” of significant athletic ability. [In Jordan’s chart the marker is Mars quincunx Chiron.]

There are 2 types of SUPER BALANCE. Super Balance is a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious form of High Balance. The first type is when the Pivoted High Balance is created by three STABLE PLANETS. This is so powerful that the entire time the Pivot Planet (fastest moving) is within the 3 and a half day time orb of being exact to perfect balance with the paired planets, it is considered to be in High Balance.

The second type is when a single aspect between two STABLE PLANETS is within 3 and a half days of being exact.

MAXIMUM OVERALL PLANETARY BALANCE is a day that has more HIGH BALANCE alignments (Pivoted High Balance and/or High Balance of Aspects) than the day previous or the day following. Therefore by definition MAXIMUM OVERALL PLANETARY BALANCE occurs approximately once in every three days. This means that you have to look at; the day, the day before, and the day after, before you can assess if “the day” has MAXIMUM OVERALL PLANETARY BALANCE. 

As you look at a string of three consecutive days to assess which day is the MAXIMUM some days are clear cut, easy to see and others are very close calls. The tie breakers for determining MAXIMUM OVERALL PLANETARY BALANCE are:

  • On consecutive days of just PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE (with no HIGH BALANCE of ASPECTS to break the tie) The Pinpoint Planet hierarchy is in this order: Mercury, Mars. Sun, Venus. For example, Mercury as the Pivot Planet in Pivoted High Balance is more powerful than Venus as the Pivot Planet of Pivoted High Balance.
  • Technically, PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE can occur in the declinations, but it doesn’t happen very often. However the Magi have found the longitudes to be overwhelmingly more powerful. So, PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE in declinations is generally used to break ties in consecutive days that appear to be equal in High Balance alignments.
  • When you are assessing PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE the PAIRED PLANETS cannot both be HIGHLY STABLE PLANETS planets when determining MAXIMUM OVERALL PLANETARY BALANCE.
  • PIVOTED HIGH BALANCE is much stronger the closer the Paired Planets are by distance orb.
  • If one or both of the paired planets in a Pivoted High Balance alignment are from the Pinpoint Planet group then it is usually more powerful than paired planets from the Moderate or Highly Stable groups.

[If you are still reading at this point, it’s quite possible this is a sign you need to re-assess your interest in astrology. It’s leading you past the point of sanity]

Now for those of you who could care less about athletes and athletic potential, all is not lost; there are plenty of jewels that await you with this theory. It is self evident not everyone born on a Maximum High Balance Day is a great athlete. For instance, actor Russell Crowe (4/7/1964) and actress Sigourney Weaver (10/8/1949) were born on Pivoted High Balance days. And the Pivot Planet for both of them was….Mercury! Of course Mercury symbolizes acting. In the interpretation of a Pivoted High Balance Alignment extra emphasis is given to the symbolism of the Pivot Planet. So, when you see Pivoted High Balance, especially when the orbs are tight, pay attention to the pivot planet because it’s symbolism can be substantial in the chart interpretation.

When you look at vocational possibilities, high balance can be very helpful for occupations requiring high energy, physical stamina, coordination and dexterity. 

High Balance can also assist in ranking planetary synchroniations. Magi Astrology, at its core, is the astrology of more than two planets. Therefore in Magi Astrology multiple planet alignments/synchronizations are more important than two planet aspects. In fact, they are the key to Magi chart interpretation. Most days have multiple synchronizations and just like with aspects, your ability to correctly sort them into some type of hierarchy greatly contributes to the quality of your overall chart interpretation.

About 2/3 of the population was not born on a Maximum High Balance Day. Most of them are blessed with exceptional potential of the non-athletic variety. In fact, most artsitic and creative people are born on non-Maximum High Balance days.