Sports Examples

The Great Emmitt Smith
Former Dallas Cowboy and Arizona Cardinal running back, Emmitt Smith [5/15/1969], is the leading rusher of all time in the NFL and he has some fabulous Magi Quads (An planetary alignment with two or more conjunct midpoints). As a descriptive, Emmitt Smith was a multi-talented running back (he could run, catch and block with the best of them) with an amazingly long career. He was far from the fastest at his position, and he wasn't particularly shifty or elusive, yet he had a few special attributes. First he had exceptional vision and the ability to see and anticipate where the hole would be before it actually opened. Second, he had extraordinary acceleration and could be at full speed in three strides. Third, he ran very low to the ground and had tremendous balance which made him hard to tackle. And forth, he had remarkable recovery powers and resilience to injuries at a position noted for very short careers because of the punishment the body takes.

Looking at just the Geocentric Mars aspects (opposed and contra-parallel Mercury, trine Venus, semi-sextile Juno, parallel Ceres) and the Heliocentric Mars aspects (semi-sextile Juno, sextile Uranus, trine Chiron, and a wide parallel with Venus) and you'd say he had very nice athletic gifts. Looking at all of his Mars sports aspects and then combining them with his Super Aspects and Neptune enhancements you would project him to be a very good professional athlete with a reasonably long career. But how do you project the greatness, the length of service, the Hall of Fame career as one of the best ever to play the game?

As you know when doing hindsight astrological analysis it's ten times easier because we have an idea what we are looking for. And in the case of the NFL's leading rusher of all time we know we need to look for aspected Magi Quads, Triple Quads, Quadruple Quads and/or Yod Quads.

Here are the four that I perceive as the most powerful.

Geocentric [Jupiter conjunct Uranus]+Mars<L>Mercury+Chiron<L>Sun+Venus. The Super Aspect makes this Triple Quad very powerful. This quad brings power, pure energy, vision and balance and the ability to make money
from it. If you just looked at the occurring sequence you might miss this, Mars+Jupiter is way down the list as is Mars+Uranus. This is why the visual representation of planetary geometry, which is only available in Magi Society Software products, is critical to performing advanced astrology.

Geocentric [Sun parallel Pluto]+Neptune<D>Mercury+[ Mars parallel Ceres] <D>Uranus. There are three components that make this Aspected Quad Yod exceptionally formidable. 1. The aspect is a Super Aspect. 2. The quad pairings are in planetary aspect (contra-parallel) 3. Mercury and Mars are in extreme declination (ex-dec) (not by a lot, but they are indeed in ex-dec). This quad gives longevity, restorative powers, quickness, acceleration and deceleration.

Heliocentric Mercury is in a moderate planetary synchronization and Geocentric Mercury is bi-level aspect with Mars which would give you the impression he has very good coordination and he has excellent quickness. However, Mercury is not aspected in such a way that you see a man with magnificent balance, great field vision, the ability to explode out of his stance or stop on a dime. These are some of the key traits that helped separate him from the pack and make him a special athlete, and they are illustrated in three of his top four quads because these are quads where Mercury forms a relationship/connection with Uranus. If you just looked at the straight planetary aspects you wouldn't find a Mercury-Uranus connection.

Emmitt Smith has a very nice set of athletic gifts, but not necessarily the whole package to be the most productive running back of all time. There is no indication of pure unadulterated speed, neither are there the elements of exceptional elusiveness and the ability to jitterbug and shake-n-bake to make would be tacklers miss; ala Barry Sanders.

So…'d he do it? I propose that what propelled him to the top of his profession were the linkages he had with his primary team, the Dallas Cowboys. Emmitt had the great fortune to be surrounded by superior athletes (All-Pros at QB, TE, WR, OT, OG and FB) for most of his career and they certainly contributed a tremendous boost to his ability to be productive.

The Cowboy's original ownership group was granted an NFL franchise on 1/28/1960. While there are three important Cinderella linkages (aTrans-level Pluto-Chiron and a Geo Jupiter-Chiron), I believe the key configuration is the Cowboy's Chart of a high-declination quadruple parallel of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn that parallels Emmitt's Mars and contra-parallels his Mercury. And, even further, it serves to enhance Emmitt’s most important Geo Dec quad.


I don't have the date when Emmitt first signed a contract with the Cowboys, but my guess is that it was a very favorable day in a CAC with Emmitt's chart.