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Tutoring and Continuing Education
Astrology Tutoring 

Regardless of your current ability level, or astrological knowledge base, I can help you to increase your astrological skill level. The only requirement is that you have the AstroGeometry software offered by the Magi Society. I may recommend add-on modules for the AstroGeometry software once I assess your level of proficiency. You will know, upfront, before you begin, what the software costs will be if you want to study with me.

Even if you are quick study,  a Magi Astrology tutoring session can help you with the finer points of this methodology


I am not a one size fits all educator and I will tailor your curriculum for your individual circumstance. If you are a fresh beginner looking for a supportive start, or if you are a practicing professional looking for some continuing education to hone your craft, I can offer a proven path to get you where you want to go.
My tutoring fee is $200 per 75-minute session.