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Tutoring and Continuing Education
Learn Magi Astrology Fast

If you are interested in an accelerated learning program for Magi Astrology, I offer tutoring on Magi Principles and Theories as well as personalized Software instruction on any of the Magi Society Software Products.

Regardless of your current ability level or astrological knowledge, I can help you to very quickly increase your astrological skill level. The only requirements are that you are a Magi Society Member and you have access to a personal computer to operate the base level Magi Society software. The base level software comes free with the membership. For the tutoring process to work at its peak efficiency, students will need to set aside time for homework activities in-between sessions.

Even if you are quick study,  a Magi Astrology tutoring session can help you with the finer points of this methodology


Magi Astrology Accelerated Certification Program

This is a fast paced one-on-one personalized curriculum designed to provide qualified candidates with their first level of Magi certification as an Assistant Magi. The Assistant Magi certification signifies the candidate has a clear understanding of Base Level Magi Astrology Theory, as well as being able to apply fundamental Magi Astrology principles and practices. This program is sanctioned by the Magi Society.

It is not a requirement that you have any level of astrological knowledge prior to beginning the program. However if you are starting from a novice level, your time commitment will be greatly increased, particularly in the first module.


Magi Kevin will help you learn how to interpret the language of the planets


Astrology Tutoring

If you are a fresh beginner looking for a supportive start, or if you are a practicing professional looking for some continuing education to hone your craft, I can tailor a personalized tutoring program just for you.

The first session is a full astrological reading where we will dive into your chart (or any chart(s) you want to spend in-depth time with) and give you a thorough base of understanding and starting place for your work. I will prepare for this reading exactly like I would for every other client and the cost will be the full session fee of $250. Every tutoring session thereafter will be at the fee: $175 per hour.

Accelerate your Magi Astrology education with personal tutoring.

Getting Started with Accelerated Certification

Potential candidates must go through an interview process prior to being accepted in to the program. At a minimum, you must be a current member of the Magi Society in good standing and you must own the MagiAstroSoft astrology software along with the Heliocentric and Progressions add-on modules for that software.

This is a rigorous process that requires a high level of personal commitment. The Accelerated Certification Program is divided into three modules. The candidate will be evaluated at the conclusion of each module. This is a certification program and much like a college course, each candidate must show competency with the material before a passing grade can be achieved for each module. You must receive a passing grade from the first module, before you will be allowed to enroll and make payment for the second module.The same rule applies for moving from the second to the third module.The first module fee is $800. The second and third module fees are $650 each.

Please note the Magi Society has very high standards and it is incumbent upon the candidate to demonstrate very good proficiency with the material before any certification is granted. This program is designed to provide the candidate with one-on-one assistance to facilitate the candidate's attainment of a strong grasp of the material, however there are absolutely no guarantees given or implied that by just participating in the Accelerated Certification Program a candidate will earn Assistant Magi status. Only those students who demonstrate very good proficiency in all areas of the material will receive a passing grade for each module.

Contact Magi Kevin for more information or to set up an interview.



Magi Software Tutoring

These sessions are designed for those who lack computer and software savvy and learn best with just a little hand holding. I recommend to everyone, and particularly anyone with just a little bit of computer savvy, to read the Magi software manuals that come with your program and jump in, be brave, and start playing around with your new toy. Over 85% of you will not need any assistance at all. Magi Software is exceptionally well designed and is practically bullet proof. You can’t hurt it. At the very worst, and this almost never happens, you will create a shut down error, and you will just need to re-start the program; not your computer, just the program. It is a very logical program and a very forgiving program.

These sessions are $175 per hour. As a general rule if you have never before used or seen Magi software the following estimates apply. I have found that if you are using the base MagiAstroSoft software it only takes and hour or two to get you up a running with a clear understanding of all the functions. If you are using the base MagiAstroSoft plus a couple of add-on modules it usually takes two to three sessions. And, if you have purchased the advanced professional version of MagiAstroSoft with all of the available add-on modules you are looking at three to five hours of time to get your sea legs.

Users of MagiOracle or MagiExplorer will find the same time increments apply. It all depends on which add-on modules you choose. If you are proficient with one Magi software and purchase another you usually do not even need tutoring, because they all are on the same platform and almost every standard function is the same, regardless of the package.

If you upgrade and add features, usually an hour session is sufficient to get you up to speed with your new functionality.