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Magi Software Lets You See Things Differently

Magi Astrology is a very different type of Astrology.  With its emphasis on geometry and multiple planetary aspects, it is very difficult to practice without having the right visual presentation, and that presentation is only available using Magi Society software.

The Magi Society offers many different levels of the most elegant astrological software in the world. You can get anywhere from a very basic platform all the way to the most sophisticated professional software available anywhere.

MagiAstroSoft is a fantastic astrological tool that is available with lots of customized add-on modules offering a variety of incredibly useful features such as All Midpoints, Harmonics, Heliocentric, Arabic Parts, Solar and Lunar Returns, and Exact Progressions. If you are interested in using astrology to better understand the love and money issues in your life, MagiAstroSoft has some exceptionally good Romance and Financial Interpretation Modules that are available as an add-on modules.

The Magi Society offers a specialized financial astrology software, MagiOracle has everything you need if you are interested in studying the financial markets. Plus, the MagiOracle manual contains some secrets of Magi Astrology that have never been released to the public.

If you are interested in astrological research, MagiAstroSoft has a wonderful add-on module allowing you to examine some of the more prominent asteroids such as Amor, Hidalgo, Sappho Icarus, Pandora, Psyche and many more. If you would like to explore some of the far reaches of our solar system and examine many of the newly discovered astrobodies such as Ixion, Quaoar, Sedna, Eris and Varuna, the MagiAstroSoft has a add-on module for that as well.

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Throw away your old software CDs, and treat yourself to the most helpful astrological software you can own; MagiAstroSoft.