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The Magi Society Story

In 1625 a small group of Shao Lin monks, led by a Jesuit/Shao Lin Monk who had studied astrology in Europe under Johannes Kepler, formed a secret society of astrologers in Mainland China. For hundreds of years this small select group served the emperors of China, along with some of the most influential people in China and Southeast Asia.

Until the 20th Century the Magi society remained a secret society, exclusively for the most gifted astrologers in China. Membership was limited and each generation passed their wisdom on to the next generation of gifted astrologers. Anticipating the communist take over in the mid-1940's all of the members left the mainland and settled in Hong Kong. The group remained a secret society until 1995 when it established a U.S. chapter and published its first book, "Astrology Really Works." Using their westernized name, Magi Society, they have progressed into an international organization of research-based astrologers from all over the world.

Today the Magi Society is the largest international astrological association in the world, with well over 5000 members. It has the largest research database of astrological charts in existence, numbering well over 100,000. Using powerful computers and the world's most sophisticated astrological software, the Magi Society maintains its status as the leading astrological organization in the world as they continue to discover new breakthroughs and advances in astrology at a breakneck pace. The Magi Society is unearthing dynamic new astrological findings on a regular basis. The Magi Society's ongoing research results are available on our website:

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