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Magi Astrology Rediscovers Logic and Takes Off

The Power of Research

There are very few moments in life that are truly “Awe Inspiring.” Moments where heretofore unrealistic possibilities seem so amazingly close to your grasp are to be cherished.  The first awe inspiring moment I remember as a child was when I saw a man walk on the moon. The second is when I first used a personal computer.  And the third most awe inspiring moment was when I realized the power of the methods used in Magi Astrology.

I have been well schooled in traditional Astrology and am well aware of its vulnerabilities. The Magi Society did not just build a better mouse trap. They have taken Astrology into a whole new paradigm of knowledge

You say, “So, what’s  different?” The answer is “PLENTY!” Magi Astrology is repeatable, verifiable and consistent. You say, “Whoa,… you are starting to get scientific.” The answer is “EXACTLY!” In fact the Magi Society has laid down a number of astrological challenges to the scientific community within the three books they have published. Guess how many scientists have accepted those challenges? If your answer was “Zero,” then you are correct. Now scientists, particularly astronomers, just love to prove Astrologers wrong. There is only one reason why no one has challenged the Magi Society. There is nothing to challenge. Magi Astrology really works.

Astrology; the logic of the sky.

For many years Astrology has been grouped in the Mystic or Occult sciences.  The Magi Society has taken Astrology back to where it was first intended, back to being logical; Astro Logos, the logic of the heavens. And within this new logical approach is the most wonderful system of knowing.

An example of this logical approach is Magi Astrology does not rely on horoscope house systems or sun signs, rather it is based on planetary geometry and multiple planet aspects. You may ask “Why?” Because the research proves that house systems and Sun signs are limited in their effectiveness. They can only provide some assistance in areas such a personality and character. However, if you want to accurately identify specific skills, unique talents, and extraordinary abilities you must use planetary geometry.

Valuable Knowledge

The Magi Society has written three books, "Astrology Really Works," "Magi Ephemeris: Including the Secrets of Magi Astrology" and "Magi Astrology: The Keys to Success in Love and Money." All of these books were published in the 1990's and are currently out of print. To give you an idea on how valuable Magi Society information is, go to or and look at the elevated prices they fetch on the used book Market. There is a reason why the demand is so high. Magi Astrology is the most powerful and accurate astrological tool for helping you reach your potential that has ever been discovered. No other collection of widely published Astrology Books in the last 40 years has increased in value as much those by the Magi Society. While their theories are far from simple, when people use them and put them into practice, they work exceptionally well.


“Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money”

Free Download of Mini-Books of Chapters 1-7 & Chapters 8-14

Discover The Brilliance of Magi Astrology: FREE!

The Magi Society has graciously offered these engaging chapters from their third, and most popular, book to people new to Magi Astrology. If you have been looking for materials that illustrate the fundamental principles of Magi Astrology, you will find these mini-books are perfect primer on how Magi Astrology works and how you can apply it to enhance your career and your relationships. These chapters are filled with practical examples and are written so that individuals with little or no astrological knowledge can grasp the basic concepts. “Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money” was a very popular book that sold thousands of copies and is currently out of print.

The initial seven chapters in the first mini-book you can download are: (Click here to download the .pdf of the 1st mini-book)

Chapter 1: Magi Astrology Helps You to Answer the Pertinent Questions in Your Life

Chapter 2: Planetary Geometry is the Key to Accurate Astrology

Chapter 3: Learning the Basics of Astrology – the Birth Chart

Chapter 4: How to Interpret a Birth Chart

Chapter 5: How Planetary Geometry Affects Love and Money Issues

Chapter 6: Chiron is the Arrow that Points to Your Soulmate

Chapter 7: We All Have a Second Birth Chart

The chapters of the second mini-book are: (Click here to download the .pdf of the 2nd mini-book)

Chapter 8: The Astrological Secrets of Magical Sex

Chapter 9: Special Linkages that are Signs with Golden Linkages

Chapter 10: Maximize Your Success with Golden Linkages

Chapter 11: Fulfill Your Dreams with Help from Magi Astrology

Chapter 12: How to Choose the Best Days for Love and Money

Chapter 13: Planets Have Personalities and Symbolisms

Chapter 14: Chiron is the Sign of a New Age

New Truths Emerge Through      Magi Society Research

The Magi Society has examined many long held mainstream Astrological theories and turned them upside down. No wonder the traditional astrological community has struggled to gain credence within the scientific community. So much of their fundamental principles were flawed, it was nearly impossible for them to come up with meaningful research.

Correct Symbolism is Essential

One of the fundamental principles of astrology is having provable and verifiable planetary symbolism. Astrology at its core is a symbolic language. If the symbolism is not accurate, everything else that follows in the astrological process is flawed.  There are many traditional astrological symbolisms that are not accurate. Here are some brief examples of corrected planetary symbolism Magi Society research has revealed.

  • Marriage and Family are ruled by Chiron, Venus does not rule marriage (just the wedding itself because Venus rules ceremonies) and the 4th house in a horoscope does not rule the family.
  • Illusions and disillusionment are ruled by Saturn and Juno, not by Neptune.
  • Juno rules affairs or relationships based primarily on sex, not marriage.
  • Actual freedom is ruled by Chiron, the urge to be free is ruled by Uranus.
  • Order is ruled by Uranus, not Saturn.
  • Extreme largeness or things massive in size is ruled by Uranus, not Jupiter.

The list goes on and on. While many traditional astrological planetary symbolisms are indeed correct, the Magi Society additions and corrections to traditional symbolism allows for much improved accuracy and precision by Magi Astrologers.

Traditional Astrology Theory Wilts Under Scrutiny

Some of the other noteworthy discoveries from Magi Society research include

  • No astrological house system is statistically valid. The Magi Society has thoroughly tested each and every one. There is not one shred of statistical evidence of house system efficacy in determining skills, talents and abilities. Nor do house systems influence relationships and their outcomes.
  • Mercury retrograde in and of itself has no provably negative consequences. The concept of Mercury retrograde and it's supposed turbulent effects on all things related to Mercury has emerged into the pop culture lexicon to the point many non-astrologically inclined individuals refer to its supposed effect. Here is the good news. Mercury retrograde not negative. On the contrary, the Magi Society research reveals it is in fact most often a helpful phenomenon.
  • 90% of all retrograde planets are beneficial influances in a chart.
  • Sun sign astrology at best can only give you some insight into broad characteristics and personality, but has no reliability in uncovering unique talents, skills and abilities.
  • Sun signs have no provable influence on relationship compatibility or longevity. It is relatively inconsequential as to what sun sign you or your friends and lovers are as it relates to the success or failure of your relationship.
  • Only planetary geometric alignments can reliably and accurately identify unique talents, skills and abilities of an individual.
  • Only the combined planetary geometry between the charts of two people can accurately reflect the nature and probable outcome of a relationship.
  • Exact birth times are not necessary to do competent astrology. While having an exact birth time is helpful, it is not crucial to providing accurate astrological information. Just having the exact day is sufficient.
  • Solar Return Charts, Solar Arc Direction Charts, Diurnal Charts, Davidson Charts, Draconian Charts and are not reliable astrological tools.

The Magi Society, by identifying and embracing astrological methodology that is provable and verifiable, and in turn rejecting traditional astrological theories that do not hold up under scrutiny, has birthed the most powerful astrological system known to man. Done correctly, Magi Astrology really does work.


The Earth-Moon Complex as seen from a satellite. Magi Astrology has proven that Heliocentric Astrology is just as important as Geocentric Astrology.