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Magi Discoveries on Money  
Super Aspects Equal Financial Success
The Magi Society conducted monumental research on financial success and have identified the key building blocks to financial success; Super Aspects. These are a special class of planetary aspects and they are great indicators of where and how you can make money. When selecting auspicious days to conduct business (incorporate, launch a product, sign a contract, etc.) it is exceptionally important to choose days that have multiple Super Aspects to help ensure your success.
Use your head. Let Magi Astrology help you to make great choices that lead to financial success.

Invest your hard earned money wisely. Use Magi Astrology to help you to financail freedom.


Magical Success Principles

The Magi Society has done comprehensive research on the astrological keys to success. Through that research they have determined there are two essential conditions that make the largest contribution to magical success with others.

Magical Success Principle One: Become partners with someone who was born at a time when the planets make magical planetary geometry with our own natal planets. 

Magical Success Principle Two: Become partners with someone who was born at a time when the planets make golden linkages with our own natal planets





Golden and Silver Linkages Create Great Financial Partnerships
The amount of Super Aspects you are born with tends to be "luck of the draw." If you were not born with any Super Aspects (or with just one or two) in your chart, all is far from being lost. All you need to do is create linkages with the right financial partnerships. You see Golden Linkages, Cinderella Linkages and Silver Linkages can bring you financial windfalls. Without question, they are the critical building blocks to financial freedom. Your partnership can be with an actual person or persons, or it can be with an entity such a corporation or even your own business. Unfortunately, the news for partnerships that do not have any Golden Linkages, Cinderella Linkages or Silver Linkages is not very cheery. Without them it is next to impossible to make money over any length of time.

During turbulent astrological transits your assets can be at risk. Magi Astrology helps you to calculate when you are at the most risk, and provides strategies to mitigate that risk.

Limit Your Risk During Turbulent Times
Through the enormous research the Magi Society has conducted, we know exactly when you are at the most financial risk. "Heartbreak," "Nuclear" and "Poorhouse" transits and progressions and their corresponding time cycles carry very turbulent energy with them. During these times both love and money can be at risk. Magi Astrology can identify when you and your business are entering extremely high risk cycles. And of course, we can offer wise and prudent strategies for successfully negotiating these turbulent time periods in your life. The Magi Society has discovered these amazing tools you can use to help you live your dreams. Be it astrological strategies for increasing your net worth, or calming suggestions to help you successfully negotiate turbulent times unscathed, Magi Astrology has incalculable benefits to helping you live a more fulfilled life.