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Magi Astrology Discoveries on Love and Sex

Chiron Rules True Love and Marriage
In 1999, when the Magi Society published their third book "Love and Money," they revealed the symbolism for Chiron. While it completely contradicted the thoughts on Chiron symbolism as embraced by many popular astrologers, once again, the Magi were right on target. Chiron rules true love, marriage, family and the children produced by the marriage and the evidence for this is irrefutable.

Concurrently, with the release of the information on Chiron, the Magi Society introduced the concept of a Romantic Super Linkage. A linkage is an enhancement interaspect between two charts. A Romantic Super Linkage is a combined three planet aspect between two charts. All Romantic Super Linkages must have an enhancement aspect to Chiron as a part of the linkage. It is highly unusual to find a Married Couple who do not have a Romantic Super linkage. Well over 90% of married couples have them. If you do not have a Romantic Super Linkage with your partner, the chances of you getting married are slim to none.


Elevate Your Life With Cinderella Linkages

I’m sure you know someone who had their life elevated by either social standing or financial resources (and often both) just by getting married. What do they have that you don’t? The answer is simple; Cinderella Linkages. Every time you see a significant elevation in financial resources or social status through a marriage or partnership you can rest assured Cinderella Linkages are in play. The Magi Society, and only the Magi Society has quantified and identified exactly what interaspects create Cinderella Linkages. Some people are born with Cinderella Aspects (these tend to be the dramatic rags to riches folks) others have Cinderella Linkages with a partner. Whatever the case they can help you to improve your life circumstance.

A man is kissing the neck of a woman whose head is tilted back and her eyes are closed. She is obviously enjoying this sensual moment. Magi Astrology can help you to identify a great lover.
A man and women kiss playfully on top of a hay bale in the middle of field. Magi Astrology helps you to make great choices that point you towards true love.

Juno Rules Affairs and Sex In
2002, the Magi Society announced on their Member’s Only Website there initial findings on Juno. Once again, this rocked the astrological establishment that had been incorrectly embracing Juno symbolism as the planet of Marriage. On the contrary, Juno rules affairs and relationships that are primarily based on sexual activity.

Juno is highly sexual and the key ingredient for a couple to act on their sexual impulses. While other sexual planets can create attraction, a Juno interaspect is necessary to move into sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, too much Juno can lead to a relationship that is unrealistic and illusionary. And to make matters worse, unlike other sexual interaspects between two people, most Juno interaspects tend to burn out rather quickly, leaving nothing but steamy memories in its wake.

The Secrets to Magical Sex
Sexual compatibility is no mystery to the Magi. We even have identified distinct levels of sexual connection. Using Magi Astrology, it is possible to very accurately identify the amount of sexual drive in an individual and what type of partner would be most sexually compatible. In addition, you can use Magi Astrology to predict with astounding accuracy the characteristics of sexual intimacy between two people. Anyone who has had an awkward sexual liaison knows how valuable it is to know in advance if there are compatibility issues.

Here are a few examples of Sexual Categories for Couples that Magi Astrology can identify.

Lovers relaxing in bed gaze into each other's eyes. Magi astrology helps to find both great sex and true love.