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Astrology for Astrologers

When You Need Another Perspective
It is often the case that as consultants-counselors our largest blind spots are in our own lives. Magi Astrology is a spectacular tool for insight. However, when we do it for ourselves then our own particular biases come out to play. Doing self Astrology we have the potential to unduly influence the astrological interpretation and provide ourselves with misleading information. 

I offer support to other professional astrologers by conducting reduced price sessions to help them with their personal concerns. Magi Society members get an even greater price break. Please contact me for specific pricing details.

Client Support for Other Astrologers
There are times when we can get stuck or lost in an astrological conundrum where a client’s chart is muddy and the answers are not clear. I am honored and humbled when another professional asks me to assist with an issue or challenge in a client’s chart.  I am privileged to be able to advise astrologers across the globe. A fresh pair of eyes and different perspective often can quickly and easily get you back on track. Questions that require less than 15 minutes of response time are gratis.  Questions requiring a little more study are offered for a nominal fee. Contact me for specific pricing details.

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Sometimes it is helpful when you enlist someone else to help you read the map