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Astrology Links
If you want to learn about the most powerful astrology in the world, start here.
I participate on the Magi Society Blog with some other very talented Magi's. You can read some of my "Magi Kevin" contributions here.

If you have an interest in financial astrology there are some excellent resources here.

Recommended Professionals Links
Kay Adams' Center For Journal Therapy has a wonderful web site. If you are on a personal growth journey, this is a terrific place to visit. Check out the poem of the month. It is always meaningful.
Melanie Mulhall has a suite of services and products that can assist you in stepping into your dreams. Melanie is the author of the best vocational assistance book on the market "Living the Dream - A Guidebook for Job Seekers and Career Explores."
Bill Decker owns this power packed consulting company that specializes in all things related to International Business. If you want to take your company or products overseas, you want to do it with someone who has a distinguished resume of with doing high level business deals across the globe. He speaks several languages and lived abroad for 13 years.