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A Magi Astrology Glance at Clay Aiken (born 11-30-1978)
Written on 10-11-06

This is a brief synopsis of singer Clay Aiken’s Geocentric Natal Chart. It is an example of using planetary geometry as the base of an astrological interpretation. The intent is to show the immense power of synchronizations in a chart and how quickly you can cut to the chase, and divine the central themes in a chart, without using Sun signs and house systems. 

As you might expect, Clay has some very dynamic energy in his chart. The Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Chiron, Juno and Pallas are all in an exceptionally powerful Geocentric Longitude synchronization that is reflective of the following qualities; magnetic charisma, clean cut sex appeal, keen intellect, rags to riches “Cinderella” story, as well as his magnanimous and generous nature.


He also has synchronization with Pluto, Neptune, Mercury and Mars.  This line up of planets reveals his strong vibrant voice that hits all the high notes, his talent for powerful creative expression (this includes the ability make every song his own) and his spirited nature in creative competitions, such as his passionate pursuit of the American Idol crown.

In Clay’s Geocentric Declination chart there are two noteworthy synchronizations. The first with Venus, Juno, & Chiron further confirms his “Cinderella” status and adds even more energy to his charisma and sex appeal.  The second with Mercury, Mars and Vesta once again confirms his powerful, pleasing, and charming vocal talent but also adds an element of advocacy and the urge to speak out on the behalf of others. This alignment indicates Clay has a particularly interesting way of communicating in a very direct, assertive manor yet in a soft and gentle tone.

This brief article is just a taste, because just like everyone else’s chart, there are lots of layers. For Clay Aiken this is just the cream off the top.