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Spouses, Family and Friends

A Different Perspective
Sometimes our biggest blind spots are with the people closest to us. We can find ourselves in a rhythm or pattern with people close to us that isn’t really working, yet we find ourselves entrenched and need a boost to break us out our rut.

Your spouse, family members and friends can be great allies and pillars of support during good times and bad. They can also at times be the triggers to high stress and anxiety. In this reading we will discuss how you can enhance the harmonious aspects and mitigate the challenging aspects of your close relationship.

I will caution you that the focus of these types of readings is to help you understand how you are participating in the relationship. The foundation of my philosophy on relating is every single thing in your experience is created in your mind and therefore your mind is the genesis of all change. Rest assured this approach is offered in a kind, gentle and non-judgmental manor. However, if you are not yet at the point where you feel ready to examine your contribution to your situation, it’s probably best if you wait to do this reading at a time when you are better prepared to do the work.

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