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The Value of Fore Knowing
Magi Astrology can give you specific information about the sexual potential of your relationship. The ability to know your sexual compatibility ahead of time can save both you and your partner from being put in awkward or uncomfortable situation if the chemistry is not right. In addition, if you know ahead of time that you are sexually compatible, it takes the pressure off and allows you to move into a more relaxed intimacy with your partner for the first time. Plus, this information can allow you to choose an appropriate time when you are both comfortable and you don’t need to rush, having the fore knowledge that sex will not be a big issue in your relationship.


Great Sex vs. True Love

One of the biggest errors people can make is mistaking great sex for true love. Great sex is just that; great sex. Love is on a very different plane of existence. While sex can be loving, it is not in and of itself indicative of true love. Magi Astrology can be very helpful in helping you to access if a connection is more than great sex.

What is Your Relationship’s Sexual Temperature?
The Magi have identified many sexual profiles from specific planetary aspects and geometry. These are not official monikers; rather just brief descriptions to help you better understand the information that can be provided. Also, these profiles are not mutually exclusive, and couples can and do have multiple combinations. However, usually one or two are more dominate.

  • Short-Term and Steamy – These are smokin' hot and full of multiple ecstasy moments. However they burn out rather quickly, and they fade away completely in a marriage. They can be fun, playful and erotic, but you need more than this for a long-term relationship.
  • Intense and Prolific – These can last several months and in some cases a few years and are characterized by the intensity, immediacy and frequency of sex. They deliver the ultimate quicky. Sadly, once they burn out, there is no rekindling the flame.
  • Passionate and Obsessive – These hot blooded and adoring connections can last a lifetime. The only drawback is they are prone to jealousy and possessiveness.
  • Overpowering and Consuming – Not for the faint of heart or the out of shape. This is an anywhere, all the time sexual connection that is short on foreplay, saving energy for a spectacular main event. It is the dominate focus of the relationship and you feel like you are under a spell.  These are usually short term, but in some cases they can last for a few years.
  • Sensual and Luxurious – While lacking the intensity of some of the other connections these lifetime linkages are delicious. They are characterized by the effortless synchronization of bodies and lots of foreplay and after-play.
  • Loving and kind - The sex is tender and sweet with lots of cuddling, yet it can rate lower on the pure passion scale. The attraction lasts a lifetime.
  • Fertility Dance - Romantic and sexy, this profile often produces offspring in married couples.
  • Selfish and One Sided – Thankfully they usually don't last that long, and they can easily be avoided.
  • Titillating and Frustrating – These connections can drive you mad. They are characterized by strong physical attraction, perhaps even some light petting, but there is almost never a finale, and if by a slim chance there is a finale…it fizzles.
  • Same Time Next Year – This attraction lasts a lifetime, but the connection can come and go 
  • One and Done - the first encounter is great, but try as you might, you can never recreate the magic of the first time.
  • Fire and Feisty - The downside is outside of the bedroom the relationship can be argumentative, however the sex is red hot.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life - The sex starts off very electric and erotic, but it gets stale without constant variety. If the sex gets too repetitive or boring, then it fizzles and one or both partners are prone to stray. Sometimes couples with this profile are attracted to swinging.
  • Sea of Love Then Lost at Sea - Good, but not great sex for a period of years, then almost inexplicably the attraction fades and it is forever gone.

Sexual chemistry can be challenging. Magi Astrology can help you to better understand these dynamics.

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