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Romance and Dating

Get The Relationship You Want
In relationships, one size most certainly does not fit all. People have ideas as to what a relationship is and what works best for them. The first step to relationship happiness is having mutual goals and objectives in what you want your relationship to be. If you want something casual, sexual, and non-exclusive you know how you can easily avoid the drama. You are best served by finding a partner that has similar relationship goals.  Conversely, if what you really want is to be married and start a family, then you know what kind of partner you need to be looking for.

Pretty simple right? Ahhh…not so fast. There is a little problem of "is this person really who they say they are." Some people, while good intentioned, are not clear about what they really want. Some people are in denial. Others are afraid of rejection and have hidden agendas. Regardless of their underlying motivation for being less than candid, you can end up feeling deceived.

Don’t Be Deceived
Magi Astrology can give you a very clear picture of your potential partner and their relationship goals. You can use astrology as a tool to help you see if their attitude (what they are saying) is in alignment with their behavior (what they actually want to do). You do not have to be in the dark.

Take a Short Cut and Avoid Heartache
Here is a scenario. You correspond on-line for a few weeks. You meet for coffee, it goes well, and you agree to start dating. You go on a few dates, you develop feelings, you become intimate, they meet your friends, you meet their friends; everything is going swimmingly well. Then it happens. You can start to feel them pull away. They are there, but not really “there,” when you are with them. They get busy and can’t see you as often. Then it happens…you get dumped. You are left with: ravaged emotions, wasted time, wasted money, and you are right back where you started.

Obviously there are lots of “dating gone bad” scenarios and lots of variations on those scenarios. The point is you don’t have to go through all the relationship steps to figure out it isn’t going to work. Magi Astrology can help you take a short cut.

By-Pass Pain and Heartbreak
Use Magi Astrology to examine your relationships before you have too much invested. Save yourself a ton of pain and heartache. You do not have to subject yourself to the emotional roller-coaster every time you see a potential match.

Invest in High Growth
Just like the financial markets, you want to invest in things that have a high growth potential. Meaning you want to put your time and energy into a relationship that has a legitimate chance to blossom. Magi Astrology can help you make much better romantic choices.

Not a Cure All
Magi Astrology is not a cure all.  Nothing is fated, and every person at all times has the power of choice. We are dealing with human beings that can and do make poor choices. Therefore to imply that you will never again have a failed relationship if you use Magi Astrology would be pure folly, inaccurate, and un-true. What Magi Astrology can do is help you to identify the best people in which to invest your time and energy and this process will absolutely maximize your chances to find the love you are looking for.

Heal Your Current Relationship
If you are currently in a relationship, Magi Astrology can offer a lot of assistance to help you keep it on track, or get it back on track. You don’t have to throw the baby out with the bath water. Often Astrology can identify some very efficient ways work help you fix and repair problems areas in your relationship.

Please also bear in mind, I am an Astrologer not a Relationship Therapist. I am an expert in the areas of energetic connection, relationship chemistry (or lack there of), and things outside of the perception of the five senses (hunches, luck, motivations, internal feelings etc…). I can give you tremendous insight into energy of people and relationships as well as very helpful ideas on how to express that energy at a higher level of consciousness.