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On Line Dating Sort

Turning Dating Right Side Up
The internet has turned the world of dating upside down. Singles bars are a forgotten artifact of the last century and if you are interested in dating, most likely you are on the internet. While there are some fantastic advantages to internet dating there are a few trouble spots. Thankfully, Magi Astrology can offer assistance and make internet dating much more productive and helpful.

Trouble Spots
The first trouble spot is information overload.  There is just one of you and a whole bunch of them. How do you know who to spend your time and effort on? Which one of those silver tongued devils is the “Real McCoy” and which one is “Fools Gold?”

The second trouble spot is the internet allows a level of anonymity that can sometimes not be very helpful. People do not have to be candid about their age, their objectives, or their current relationship status. While astrology is not 100% effective in identifying each and every fibber, it can most definitely flag those individuals who are prone to character flaws, giving you the warning to approach them with caution.


A Different Type of Reading
I offer a unique type of reading for those in a dating mode. Obviously, you do not want to spend a lot of money on someone you hardly even know. To that end I have developed a Speed-Reading for On-line Daters. Here is how it works.  This is a no preparation reading where you feed me birthdates when the reading starts and I answer your questions right when you ask them. This is a way to get some quick hits and avoid some obvious problems before you have a lot invested in the relationship. I will look at as many charts as the time allows.

Here is the caveat. When you do a regular session I do a lot of prep work that insures you have gotten a detailed examination of your relationship. I am the quintessential anal retentive astrologer and I am very, very thorough. It takes time to be thorough. While I will catch the big things while doing the Speed-Reading, I might miss some other things that are of interest. I strongly encourage you to come back after you have narrowed the field and let me do a more detailed examination of your relationship prospects. If you come back and get a longer reading on a previous Speed-Reading prospect, I will give you a healthy discount on that reading.

To do this reading you need the birthdates of your prospects. Rest assured I have some solid techniques to help you get the correct information. I’ll give you the details when we schedule the reading.

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