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Enhance Your Life

Breakthrough the Unknown: Answers That Help You to Make Great Choices
Your relationship need not be a mystery.  Analysis using Magi Astrology helps you to better understand and clarify what you have now and what the prospects are for the future. Many important questions can be answered.


  • What’s the nature of the attraction?
  • Is this Mr./Ms. right? Or, is this just Mr./Ms. Right now?
  • How compatible are we?
  • Is it real romance or just sex buddies?
  • Do we have “Heartbreak” or “Nuclear” clashes?
  • Is this illusion or is this real?
  • Is this potential short-term, medium term, or long term?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the jealously factor?
  • What is the trust factor?
  • Does one person have the upper hand or is there a balance of power?


  • Are we sexually compatible?
  • Do we have a similar sex drive and sexual preferences?
  • Will the sexual attraction last or wear out?
  • Will this get obsessive?
  • Will we be faithful or tend to stray?

On-line Dating

  • Is this person who they say they are?
  • Shining Knight or Nightmare?
  • Worth my time or waste of time?

Potential Marriage and Family

  • Could this lead to Marriage?
  • Would we have children together?
  • How would this person be with my pre-existing children?
  • How will this person get along with my friends and family?

Current Marriage and Family

  • Is this a bump in the road or the end of the road?
  • Will it get better or worse?
  • What is the financial outlook?
  • What are the prospects for our children?
  • How can we work better together?
  • What are the karmic and spiritual lessons?

Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors etc…

  • Friend or foe?
  • Is this a companion or an acquaintance?
  • Can I trust them?
  • Will they back me up?
  • Can we work together on equal terms or does one of us need to be the boss?

These and other questions can be answered in a Relationship Reading. Magi Astrology can give you peace of mind with your relationships. Purchase a session here.

Readings and Consultations:
These are the general sub-categories of the types of readings I offer.

Compatibility/ Synastry: A comparative reading where I look at the combined alignment chart (CAC) between you and another person. This is the most effective reading in determining how two people will relate with each other.

Sexuality: A reading that looks at the sexuality or potential sexuality within a relationship. Magi Astrology is particularly adept at being able to identify sexual compatibility and incompatibility. This can be a reading all in itself or you can ask for an abbreviated version to be added on to a relationship reading.

On-Line Dating Sort: This is a Speed-Reading, designed to give a brief look at potential dating partners and to help you to not waste time with obvious bad fits. You feed me birthdays and I look at the information and answer your questions on the spot.  I will do as many birthdays as the time allows.

Gifts and Talents; Career and Vocation: Designed for people who are in a career transition or would like to be in a career transition. We will identify your unique gifts and talents and explore the arenas where you might most be successful. We’ll also look at upcoming energy cycles and planetary alignments that will impact your transition.

Spiritual Discovery: The quest of this reading is to offer thoughts and ideas that move you closer to enlightenment. This session explores your soul’s evolution and strategies for ascending into a higher state of consciousness.

Spouses, Family and Friends: An astrological examination of your relationship with a loved one. We’ll discuss how you can enhance the harmonious aspects and mitigate the challenging aspects.

Transitions, Change and Predictions: A great “check in with the universe” reading. This session explores the evolving cycles of your life. We will look at where you are now and where you want to go next. In addition, I will examine how your energy will interact with upcoming planetary movements.

Scheduling Appointments

Click on a purchase link. Choose the length of the reading you want. Follow the secure payment procedure through Paypal and when you complete it, I will be sent an email. I will then contact you to discuss the general area you want the reading to focus on. I will also collect all the chart information and schedule your appointment at that time

Once payment is processed (you can use the PayPal system linked to the "purchase" page on this site), I will call you to schedule an appointment time. I usually schedule from one to two weeks in advance, but will do my best to create a space when the matter is urgent.

To begin investigating your charts I will need your birth date. If you have your exact birth time, and birth place (city and state) that is helpful, but a birthdate is all that is necessarly. I will ask you about the general area you want me to look at when I research your chart i.e. romance, career, family, etc...and that may create the need for me to request data for other charts related to your query.

Usually it is best to contact me first ( or 303-759-2096) so we can discuss your specific needs and then I will give you an estimate of how much can be accomplished within the various session lengths. The price always includes the time I spend preparing for your reading as well as the time for the reading session itself. As general rule, in a full session we can only reasonably work with one subject area i.e. Romance or Career or Marriage or Spiritual Path etc…

Click here to contact me about a reading.

All times frames listed are approximations and are subject to adjustment; meaning they might be a few minutes less and they might be a few minutes more depending on the circumstance. All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Full Session: 1 hour session $250

Extended Session: 1 and a half hour session $350

Double Session: 2 hour session $450

Half Session: half hour follow-up session $125 (this session is only available to existing clients)

Speed-Reading: 1 hour $200 (only available with the On-line Dating Sort)

Half Speed-Reading: half hour session $100 (only available with the On-line Dating Sort)

Payment options
Payment is accepted by credit card through PayPal linked through the Purchase Link in the left hand column.

Phone Readings

You will initiate the call at the appointment time and are responsible for all of your own phone charges that apply.

My office is located in Denver, Colorado. If you are in the area, I’d be happy to conduct the reading with you in person. Readings in person are by appointment only (303-759-2096)


Professional astrology readings can enchant, enlighten and empower. They have the potential to create newfound awareness and illuminate unseen paths around life’s obstacles. I offer them with the sincere intent to unearth possibilities, further your understanding of your soul’s purpose, and help you move along your unique path to enlightenment. I beleive Magi Astrology is a gift from God and I humbly offer my services to you in an effort to assist you in your life's journey. I am proud to say I have had thousands of exceptionally satisfied clients. However, past results are no guarantee of future results. Therefore, no guarantees are made. You are solely responsible for any thought or action you initiate as a result of the reading and I assume no responsibility whatsoever. Furthermore an astrology reading is not an appropriate replacement for serious concerns that fall under the purview of, and are best addressed by, a health, legal or financial professional.