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Gifts, Talents, Career and Vocation

What Now?
This reading is designed for people who are either in a career transition or want to be in career transition. We will look at your unique gifts and talents and explore the arenas where you might most be successful.

We will look at where you are now and where you want to go next. In addition, I will examine how your energy will interact with upcoming planetary movements. In this consultation I can identify “Cinderella” periods and “Golden” times when you are most likely to find the best financial opportunities and make significant career gains. Conversely, I can forewarn you about “Heartbreak,” “Nuclear” and “Poorhouse” time periods where jobs and finances can be at risk and give you suggestions for successfully negotiating the times when you have turbulent planetary alignments.

Everyone has many areas where they can find success. Magi Astrology has some very powerful tools to identify your best choices.

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