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Compatibility and Synastry

Creating Order Out of Chaos
Every single relationship is complex. Don’t kid yourself. Just one human being is complex.  Put two of them together in a relationship and, trust me, it does not get any less complex. What I do is identify significant energetic themes and patterns within the relationship and help to bring some order and understanding to this complex organism we call a relationship.

To determine relationship compatibility/synastry* I look at each chart individually to see what the primary needs and motivations are for each individual and then in a Combined Alignment Chart (CAC) to see the strengths and challenges of the relationship. Often I will want to look at other charts if the information is available. The chart of day the couple meets for the very first time can provide valuable information, as can any chart that signifies the relationship moving to the next level such as the first time they have sex, or when they move in together, or when they get engaged or married. While this might seem like information overload, it is not. Clear patterns and themes emerge in these charts that allow me to provide the most helpful information to you.

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*Synastry is an astrological term that refers to comparison of two different charts.