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Find the Right Professional

Find a Compatible Professional
I offer a service where I can give you information on how your energy and your professional’s energy mesh with one another. This reading can give you insight into what your strengths and weaknesses are as a team and help you avoid uncomfortable circumstances.

This reading does not assess technical or professional expertise, that’s your job. This reading is focused on helping you find a person with whom you really work well, enabling you to avoid the disappointment, stress and anxiety that comes from a poorly matched team.

The process is very easy.  You provide me with the birthdates of the prospective professionals that you have an interest in working with, and I use Magi Astrology to help you to determine which relationships contain the most harmony and success.

This type of reading can be done in a Speed-Reading format. This allows you to save money and look at a number of prospective professionals at one time. However there is a caveat. When you do a regular session I do a lot of prep work that insures you have gotten a detailed examination of your potential relationship. I am the quintessential anal retentive astrologer and I am very, very thorough. It takes time to be thorough. While I will catch the big things while doing the Speed-Reading, I might miss some other things that are of interest. I strongly encourage you to come back after you have narrowed the field and let me do a more detailed examination of your professional prospects. If you come back and get a longer reading on a previous Speed-Reading prospect, I will give you a healthy discount on that reading.

Note: Astrology is not a replacement for qualified professional representation. It is intended to enhance your experience by pointing you towards the most compatible choice. You are encouraged to use the most competent professional representation you can find.

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