Strategic Success

Plan to Succeed
There are so many business initiatives that underachieve simply because they were not planned correctly. The very first planning element for every business should be, “What is the best day to birth this; Partnership or Alliance, Marketing Initiative, Customer Retention Program, Planning Session, Research Project, Important Meeting, etc…to insure we have the best possible opportunity to succeed.

There are those who are incredulous and say “How can it possibly matter on what day we start something. I don’t see how it can make that much difference.”  At first blush that may seem like a rather lucid comment, however the facts don’t back it up. Actually, the facts have never backed it up. Timing is everything!

It is self evident that there are days that are much less turbulent and much more productive than others.  It’s in the popular lexicon for a reason. We hear “I had a good day” or “I had a bad day” all the time. Yet, we never take the time to fully understand why! It’s because our minds want to place meaning into our environment, and once we perceive something plausible, we usually stop at the first level of information. “We had a great day because we broke the sales record” or “We had an awful day because our biggest client canceled their contract with us” are perfect examples. We stop right there. That’s the reason it was good or bad. However, just ask the most logical follow-up question “Why did we generate more sales than ever on this particular day?” or “Why did the client resign today?” we can get a little closer to a part of the truth. The new answers are, “We launched our most successful marketing campaign, and sales went up?” or “We were not price competitive and they dropped our services?” Once again, on the surface these sound very plausible and if we want we can continue the un-layering of the question ad nauseam we will get more and more information. But that is not the point of this exercise.  While all the plausible answer’s contain pieces of the truth, regardless of the depth and breadth of the business autopsy you will never find a consistent truth (verifiable and reliable time after time after time), until you look at the astrology. The astrology will save you gigantic amounts of time and energy, and it will be much more consistent and reliable than any method you are currently using.

Are you still not convinced? There are so many exceptional minds out business world, and very few secrets. Why isn’t great success easily repeatable? How come when you try to do the same brilliant thing all over again it almost never meets expectations? You can blame it on “market conditions” or “the subtle nuances of a fickle customer base” but you would be dealing only in a small sliver of the truth. The astrology will give you the whole truth. Even though no day is astrologically like any other, we can identify those elements that help breed success and plan around them when the planets are right. Conversely, Astrology also knows when turbulent times are coming, and how to avoid making the wrong choice at the wrong time.

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