Money Makes the World Go ‘Round
The Rainmaker. Everybody needs them. The best ones are multi-millionaires. It is perhaps the most critical position in a company. Like divining rods they know where the money is and how to get the gatekeeper to release it. They find investors, they create revenue streams, they capture the big accounts; this is why they are worth their weight in gold.

The nature of a Rainmaker is bi-directional, they are either going forward or they are going backward, they are never in a plateau. Plateaus are equivalent to missed opportunities for Rainmakers, which is why Astrology is a Rainmakers best friend. Just like astrologers a Rainmaker is in the “time” business. While the astrologer is looking at it from a qualitative perspective, the rainmaker is looking at it from a quantitative perspective. It takes time to put a deal together, but a deal that blows up means a missed opportunity somewhere else, and several steps being taken in the wrong direction.

By embracing a qualitative methodology towards time, the Rainmaker can avoid missed opportunities. The key to a successful pitch and a successful close is offering them up at precisely the right time, on the right day.

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