Take Advantage of Every Season
Once again using a farming metaphor…In the spring you plant, in the summer you tend to the crop, in the fall you harvest, and in the winter you PLAN. Actually, if you are a farmer you do things like repairing fences, and maintenance on the tractor, and studying seed catalogs; because you know the winter will only last so long and when it is time to plant, and tend, and harvest you don’t want to be slowed down and distracted by things you could have easily done during the previous winter.

Everyone and every business entity has winter cycles and those cycles do not have to be spent pining for spring. There is a tremendous amount of strategic work and planning that can improve harvest, if you pay attention to your natural cycles. Magi Astrology is a fantastic tool to help you get clarity on what season your business is in and how long it will be before the seasons change.

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