Partnerships and Alliances

It’s a Tough Road to Go Alone
Complex and sophisticated, yet presented simply; welcome to today’s business world. Everyone wants the latest, greatest and most advanced, and of course…they want it easy to use. If you want to survive you have to meet the challenge.  The question is “How?”

The days of the “Jack of all trades” employee are long gone. The core competencies required in our 21st century business environment are intricate and specialized. Sure, you can know a little bit about a lot of things, but to stay ahead of the pack you need significant expertise in every area. High achieving companies from Toyota to Apple to Google recognize where they are strong and form alliances and partnerships to shore up places where their resources and competencies are thin. Small and medium size companies are recognizing that trying to use internal resources to shore up weak areas in their business process, it often just dilutes their current strengths. What they need is an alliance.

However, just like in personal relationships, it is vital you get the right partner for you if the marriage is going to be successful. Enter Magi Astrology. Magi Astrology can provide clarity and insight in business relationships just like it can in personal relationships. You can use Astrology to help you identify the best business partners for you. Why? Because every hour and every dollar you spend courting the wrong partner puts you further behind and at greater risk. Magi Astrology is the most cost efficient way for you to start off on the right foot in acquiring the additional expertise you need to make your business succeed.


Partnerships and Alliances are a Two Step Process
The Astrological process for a partnership or alliance has two crucial components. First, we need to see if your partner(s) a good match for you. Will it be smooth sailing, or rough seas? Will it be a money maker or a money pit?

Second, and equally as important, the contracts need to be signed on a very auspicious day for both of you.  This will be the birth date for your partnership and the energy it contains will greatly determine the amount of success you can achieve together.

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