Let’s Stop the Cringing
It has gotten to the point that the mere mention of the word “meeting” can bring a look of horror and disgust from even the most seasoned business professional. Meetings can be helpful, productive, time savers that build cooperation and cohesiveness within the team structure. Meetings can also be boring, arduous time wasters that feature back-biting, morale busting, petty disagreements that ruin the team concept and promote a look-out for number one attitude.

  • Executives waste 7.8 hours each week in meetings according to a survey from Accountemps in Menlo Park , CA. (cited in Office PRO Nov/Dec 2000)
  • 1,000 business leaders found that more than one third of the time spent in meetings is unproductive. Survey respondents also note that only 65% of meetings achieve their intended outcomes. (cited in OfficePro, Nov 2003)


There are certain meetings that are crucial to harmony and productivity. Examples would includeIntroducing a new member to the group.

  • The first creative meeting with a brand new client.
  • Big announcements that signal a shift in strategy, policy, or procedures.
  • Making a final decision.
  • Announcing difficult news.

These types of gatherings are well served by a little astrological massage. Careful planning for the right day and time, can give you the best shot at the outcome you most want.

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