Marketing Initiatives  

Let the Astrologers Almanac Tell You When to Plant
Astrology, as a natural science, lends itself to natural metaphors. Succinctly put, you can expect a very, very small yield if you plant your crops in the dead of winter. Conversely, your chance at a bumper crop greatly improves when you plant your crop in the spring after the danger of a freeze has passed.  This very simple wisdom has served farmers for thousands of years.

Unfortunately, most marketers don’t consult the Astrological weather forecast and their results reflect it. The resources allocated to a marketing initiative can be substantial. Just like the seeds the farmer plants, the marketing initiative is very sensitive to the business weather environment. All too often well planned and executed marketing initiatives die on the vine, because they were exposed to freezing business temperatures.

Magi Astrology has identified some very specific symbolisms and planetary geometry that identifies the auspicious days which give your marketing initiatives the best the chance for success.

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