Business Consultation - How Does It Work?

Astrology readings for business are very much in form similar to personal readings. The first step is to contact me and we will set up a time for a short conversation to talk about what your needs are and how magi Astrology can be helpful in getting you to where you want to go.

All of my business readings are flexible and customizable. I am here to save you time and money and to that end I will provide you with exactly what you need as expeditiously as possible. That being said, there are generally two types of readings I do when I consult with businesses. The first is Strategy and Planning and the second is Timing.

  • Strategy and Planning: focuses on providing you insight into the astrological make up of the business. We will look at core competencies, unique skills and talents, strengths and weaknesses, areas of growth, profit potential, etc…After we have established a base line of “what is” then we can look to some of the upcoming cycles and give you a “Astrological weather report” for what looks to be on the horizon.
  • Timing and Initiating: focuses on giving you the absolute best days and times to start something new. This type of reading is heavily focused on research and unearthing the most auspicious days that will lead to your business having on-going success.

Fees and Scheduling
I charge $250 per hour. Usually it is best to contact me first so we can discuss your specific needs and then I will give you a quote on how much time it will take to work on your project. If the quote is acceptable, you come back this site and make payment.

Strategic and Planning consultation sessions fees include all the research, and prep work I do prior to meeting with you. Once payment is made I will call you to schedule an appointment time. I usually schedule from one to two weeks in advance, but will do my best to create a space when the matter is urgent.

Timing and Initiating consultation sessions function differently. What you are paying for is the research of your query. Once the research is concluded, I will call you to deliver the results which usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Contact me here for a quote on your project.

You can purchase consultation time with me here.

Record Keeping Pays Off
When you keep close track of the days and times when important things happen in your business you are giving yourself and your astrologer a huge advantage. Very rarely can just one chart, give you all the information you need. The key is having several dates to use. For instance, if we are talking about a Client, then the first day you met them is a crucial day. Their birthday (if it is an individual) or their incorporation chart (if it is a company) are vital pieces of astrological information. The first day they actually sign a contract or make a purchase has a ton of significance. If you do not have records for these days, all is not lost, but if you do, you will have a distinct advantage in using astrology to your favor.

Astrology Can Help Your Business Maximize Its Potential
Your revenue is flat, your marketing efforts are not producing, and your competitors are nipping at your heals. You just can’t seem to catch a break. Does this sound familiar?

Why not create your own break. Through arduous research the Magi Society has uncovered exactly what types of planetary alignments lead to business success. There are usually several very good business related planetary alignments every year. What you need to do is use these auspicious days to your advantage by starting important business initiatives on these days.

There is caveat to auspicious days. If the charts of your business are undergoing stressful and turbulent transits, then you are not able to maximize the potential of a good astrological day. The key is to find auspicious days where your charts are having very positive and helpful transits.  This will allow you to get the most out of your new initiatives.

Business Astrology 101
The principles of Astrology are very simple. Every single day contains its own unique set of gifts and challenges. When you initiate anything; that’s right, anything; you create a birthday for whatever action you initiated. To say it another way, when you take action within your world, an astrological chart is created at the moment you begin that action. Anytime you take action on something new and act for the first time, it is particularly significant. 

Obviously we all initiate hundreds of things every day. However, the consequences of that action vary on the degree of importance of the particular action. For instance, let’s say that the moment you decided to style your hair in the morning was a particularly challenging and turbulent moment. Perhaps it was the absolutely worst astrological time to commence styling your hair for the entire month. The good news is the extent of the ramifications of that particular action is the proverbial “bad hair day” and while that might be disconcerting for some, it is an easy thing to recover from.

When it comes to business, the stakes get much higher. The day you incorporate, the day you launch a new product, the day you hire your accountant, the day you have a sale, the day you lease your office equipment, the day you first meet your investors, the day you first meet a client, etc, etc…These days all create a birthday for that action, and that action will conform to the energy of that day.

The bottom line; there are significant actions that every business makes that they unknowingly sabotage because they choose the wrong day to initiate that action.

The next question is invariably, “if we choose a good day for an action does that guarantee success?” Not necessarily, however it does work in the reverse. If you choose a turbulent day to initiate, you can just about guarantee whatever you were trying to do will not work out to your satisfaction.  For instance, every business that is incorporated on a particularly good day with lots of positive symbolism related to its specific type of business is not a guaranteed success. There is more to it than that. This is not a panacea and you still have to work hard and work smart to achieve your goals. However, if the business is incorporated on a day with pronounced turbulent and challenging symbolism, there is not much hope for success. What does it feel like to work very hard and achieve very little success? Do the words deflating and demoralizing come to mind? 

Here is what we do know and what we can prove. Every super successful business has had  a string of successful charts of when they initiated something new. They incorporated on successful dates, they launched products on successful dates, they formed alliances on successful dates etc, etc, etc….Was it luck? Sometimes. Although, you would be amazed at how many businesses use astrologers. Yet, even if they didn’t use an astrologer, astrology can explain it. When the fundamental initiation charts of a business scream success, that energy permeates what ever they do and they naturally conform to a successful rhythm, and they often gravitate on their own accord to other successful days to launch initiatives that grow their business.