Employment Start Days

Employment Birthdays Matter
The most important astrological day for every single person in your company is their first day on the job. Some astrologers may tell you no, it’s the date you hired them, not the day they start. They know not of which they speak. The research unequivocally reveals that the first day on the job will set in stone the energy between the employee and the company. It will be the primary indicator of the employee’s attitude and feelings towards their job. It will be an indicator of the employee’s value to the company and it will reflect how long the employee will be on the job. Employment dates are huge factors in creating a happy and productive staff. Usually every month has a few good employment days to choose from that are auspicious days in and of themselves as well as days that match up well with the company.

With all the effort you need to put forth in the hiring and training of new staff, it is well worth your while to get a regular astrological reading to identify the most auspicious employment dates.

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