Customer Retention

Positive Emotional Response Equals Sales
We all want to be liked. It’s not just human nature, it’s business nature too. You expend enormous amounts of energy to build positive relationships with your customers. It’s no secret that there is a direct correlation between customers truly liking and trusting you and increased sales from those customers.

With so many choices in today’s global economy, customer loyalty is getting harder and harder to keep. Magi Astrology can give you a huge advantage.

Did you know that the Magi Society has discovered specific planetary signatures for trust. There are even signatures for likeability and pure friendship. And when you make a mistake and need to apologize there are even planetary alignments that can help you get forgiveness.

Whether you are actively engaged in a formal customer retention program or even if you have just a few key clients that you must make sure are very happy campers, Magi Astrology can help. Do you want to know when your message will be best received? Or the times your customers will be most receptive your calls? Or, how about when your customers are most susceptible to dropping you for another vendor? Magi Astrology can help you with all of this and a lot more.

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