Sunday, July 5, 2009


Sarah Palin Abruptly Resigns; Magi Astrology Gives Some Clues as to Why

In a move that observers described as “inexplicable” and “defies logic” Sarah Palin (February 11, 1964) removed herself from office, resigning the Governorship of the State of Alaska. It was apparent last summer when she accepted the Vice Presidential nomination, that action in and of itself would severely damage her career. The trans-level heartbreak clashes (Saturn in a clash angle with Chiron) that were applying in her charts at the time cast a gigantic pal over her ascendancy to the national stage. With every new person she met from late August through the election; be it within her own party, members of national media, or the variety of individuals on campaign trail; she cemented a heartbreak clash in the relationship chart with every single one of them. Now, less than a year later her political career (Chiron) has been at best derailed and perhaps the damage is permanent.

The current transiting Saturn quincunx Jupiter that was exact on July 2nd speaks to a decision that in hindsight may come back to haunt her. It is also most likely responsible for her somewhat puzzling, disturbingly embellishing, rambling announcement at a hastily called July 3rd press conference. Her resignation certainly raised far more questions than it answered. The Magi Society not so affectionately labels the Saturn quincunx Jupiter aspect a “Nuclear Clash,” meaning there is a high degree of probability that the resignation itself was motivated by a huge blow-up or anticipation of a huge blow-up of some kind. It’s also worth noting, that in the heliocentric chart the transiting Saturn/Sedna midpoint is applying contra-latitude her Chiron by a mere 0.01 degree. That aspect could very well indicate that there may be some fire to go with the smoke of the allegations of impropriety that have been wafting towards her from several directions.

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