Saturday, July 25, 2009


Jon Stewart has “Trust” Planetary Alignment

Upon the passing of iconic newscaster Walter CronKite, who was referred to as America’s most trusted man, Time Magazine did a nationwide poll in the U.S. to determine who was currently the most trusted newscaster. Surprisingly, the winner was not from a major network, rather it was part newsman-part comedian, Jon Stewart who hosts the irreverent “Daily Show “ on the Comedy Central cable network who was chosen as America’s most trusted newscaster with 44% of the vote. He out polled all the major network newscasters including; Brian Williams who received 29% of the vote in placing second, ABC’s Charlie Gibson in third with 19% of the vote, followed by CBS newscaster Katie Couric who received 7% of the vote occupying the forth place of the tally.

Magi Astrology aficionados were not surprised. When looking at the natal chart of the humorous Jon Stewart (Nov 28, 1962) he has a three planet alignment in the geocentric longitudes where his Sun squares a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction, and of course the Sun also squares the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint. The Magi Society, in a departure from traditional astrology theory, has said that no natal chart aspects are provably bad. Therefore the double squares in this alignment are not automatically interpreted as being negative, even though the square (90 degree angle) is considered to be a turbulent aspect. Stewart’s planetary alignment translates to a man (Sun) with a remarkable and noteworthy (Chiron) capacity to generate trust (Jupiter). If you add in the other planets that synchronize with this alignment within an orb of about 3 degrees; Mercury, Uranus, and Saturn; you then have a man (Sun) with a commanding presence (Saturn) who is famous (Uranus) for a remarkable and noteworthy (Chiron) ability to generate trust (Jupiter) while delivering the news (Mercury).

It’s worth noting:
• Walter Cronkite (Nov 4, 1916) also had two very similar three planet alignments that generate trust, with his Sun quincunx the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint in geocentric longitudes and his Earth quincunx the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint in heliocentric longitudes.
• Brian Williams (May 5, 1959) has his Sun trine the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint.
• Charlie Gibson (March 9, 1943) has a semi-sextile aspect (30 degree) of Jupiter and Chiron in his heliocentric chart, but does not have any natal Jupiter-Chiron planetary or midpoint aspects to his Sun or Earth.
• Katie Couric (Jan 7, 1957) has no aspects between Jupiter or Chiron in any of her natal charts, nor does she have any natal Jupiter-Chiron planetary or midpoint aspects to her Sun or Earth.

The Time Magazine poll illustrates the amazing efficacy of Magi Astrology. Stewart, with both Jupiter and Chiron and the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint in aspect to his Sun is ranked first. Williams, ranked second has the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint trine Sun. Williams’ midpoint trine is not as powerful as Stewart’s alignment, but it is more powerful than Gibson’s Jupiter and Chiron semi-sextile that has no synchronization to the Earth. And then we have Kouric who has none. The Magi Astrology symbolisms of the newscasters were completely parallel with the results of the poll.

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