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A Magi Astrology Perspective of John McCain's Shocking Choice of Sarah Palin

On August 29th 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee, John McCain (born 8-29-1936) announced his choice for his running mate. In a shocking maneuver he selected Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin (born 2-11-1964). Prior to her past two years as Governor of Alaska, she served as the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska with a population of less than 10,000 people. Needless to say, she is not a big player in the political arena. Her selection caught everyone off guard as she is perceived by many as too much of a novice to have the expertise necessary to competently serve in the position of Vice President

"Our governor is going to be vice president, and we still don't have an Olive Garden.''--Alaskan Kerry Baranou, bemoaning the local dining choices while celebrating the prospect of Sarah Palin going to the White House, in Sunday's (8-31-08) New York Times.

To understand the astrological dynamics of how this choice came about you first have to look at McCain’s natal chart. In his geocentric chart, the alignment that initially jumps out at you is a T-Square with Chiron at the focal point squaring Venus and Saturn. This is a person who loves and desires a tremendous amount of control in his relationships and in his career. In declinations, he has Mars and Chiron parallel in northern declinations and both are contra-parallel Ceres. This is very much the signature of a ruthless warrior. It will not take much to draw his ire. It is also the sign that if you were to do battle with him, he will be severe in his response. In battle he is a “make a statement they’ll never forget” kind of guy. His objective is not to just win a fight, his objective is to take away your will to ever do battle with him again. The third multi-planet alignment that is worth noting is a wedge formation with Chiron, Ceres and Juno. The Chiron-Ceres component helps to give him the Midas touch in his business dealings (and his business is politics) and the Juno allows him to appear very unpredictable by putting a face on things that does not reveal his real thoughts. This is a guy who, to borrow a poker term, has no tell. By his nature he will not give his opponents any indication of his next move. This is reinforced by his Sun parallel Juno which symbolizes a person of deception. Also worth noting in declinations is a Jupiter-Pluto contra-parallel. This is a Super Aspect in Magi Astrology and quite prevalent in the chart of successful people. It is a quite common aspect in the charts of national politicians. It imparts a tremendous thirst for power. There is also a Mars-Jupiter trine that reflects his high energy constitution and corresponding resistance to fatigue.

In McCain’s heliocentric chart he has a Conjuncted Grand Square with Mercury- Ceres forming the conjunction aspect. The conjunction squares both Neptune and Saturn, and it opposes Chiron. This represents a forceful, no nonsense communicator, who is not prone to hyperbole. He is a man who will not say anything unless he can back up it up. It also points to somewhat of a Machiavellian mindset in which there are no sacred cows and your value is relative to your helpfulness to achieve the adjective. This is not a soft, sensitive man. John McCain is an all business kind of guy. He is a sharp, hard, driven man who lacks sentimentality, sensitivity and tact. He has no problem bullying others. He won’t hesitate to use manipulation to reach his desired result. The Saturn aspects in both the geocentric and heliocentric charts indicate not only a compulsive urge to always be in control, but also there is a reoccurring theme of severe retribution. Saturn also rules vindictiveness and grudges and with all of the Saturn clash aspects in his charts you can bet your last dollar that John McCain never forgets and will go out of his way to retaliate for any shot fired in his direction.

McCain has a Conjuncted Yod alignment with his Mars-Pluto conjunction in a quincunx aspect with Jupiter. This alignment creates trans-level aspects (both in the geocentric and heliocentric realms) for both Mars- Jupiter and Super Aspect Jupiter-Pluto and re-emphasizes this is a high energy individual who also has tremendous thirst for power. He has Jupiter contra-latitude Uranus in the heliocentric realm which is a Magi Astrology Super Fame Aspect. It is often found in the charts of Politicians. It helps to make him popular and palatable with the general public, and combined with the afore mentioned trans-level Jupiter-Mars aspects he is definitely perceived as a hero, macho man kind of guy who will most definitely protect and defend.

Any astrological evaluation also must address that McCain is very much a ladies man. His previous indiscretions are well documented and do not need to be restated. McCain has several Magi Astrology sexual aspects (Mars- Pluto, Uranus-Mars, and Mars-Chiron to name a few) that reflect a very active libido and a predisposition for extra curricular activity. This can be construed as his Achilles heal, as to where he is weakest in character.
Revisiting the 2000 presidential election, McCain was beaten out for the Republican Party nomination by George Bush, but it was far from a fair contest. There was a large amount of subterfuge directed at McCain. While the Republican Party line was “let the best man win,” Bush was shown considerable favoritism by the leadership in the Republican Party and there were several instances of mean spirited, below the belt campaigning, particularly in the critical South Carolina primary.

(The Arizona Republic would write that the McCain-Bush primary contest in South Carolina "has entered national political lore as a low-water mark in presidential campaigns", while The New York Times called it "a painful symbol of the brutality of American politics".[110][120][121] A variety of interest groups that McCain had challenged in the past ran negative ads.[110][122] Bush borrowed McCain's earlier language of reform,[123] and declined to disassociate himself from a veterans activist who accused McCain (in Bush's presence) of having "abandoned the veterans" on POW/MIA and Agent Orange issues.[110][124]
[124] McCain ran ads accusing Bush of lying and comparing the governor to Bill Clinton, which Bush said was "about as low a blow as you can give in a Republican primary".[110] An anonymous smear campaign began against McCain, delivered by push polls, faxes, e-mails, flyers, and audience plants.[110][126] The smears claimed that McCain had fathered a black child out of wedlock (the McCains' dark-skinned daughter who was adopted from Bangladesh), that his wife Cindy was a drug addict, that he was a homosexual, and that he was a "Manchurian Candidate" who was either a traitor or mentally unstable from his North Vietnam POW days. SOURCE:

John McCain came into the 2008 Presidential Campaign carrying far from favored status within the Republican Party. Yet, he used tremendous political savvy combined with superior campaign strategy to rather quickly move to the head of the line. He also had a stroke of good luck when Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s late entrance into the primary races crippled Mitt Romney’s campaign in the southern Bible Belt states, as Huckabee split the vote of the Republicans who dislike McCain for his refusal to follow the party line on many issues. Riding the wave of good strategy and good fortune McCain immerged as the victor for the Republican Party nomination. And now he is in the position that he has pined for since 2000.

McCain is no longer beholden to the Republican Party leadership. They are beholden to him. Remember, he doesn’t want to just get revenge for what he perceived as unethical bias for Bush and unethical campaigning against him in 2000 that was tacitly in indorsed by his own party; he wants to make a statement. Looking through the lens of Magi Astrology, John McCain is absolutely not just a tit-for tat politician. He wants to crush these people who crossed him. He wants to humiliate them and he wants to take all of their power away. McCain is not a forgiveness kind of guy. He’s a make them pay kind of guy. McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin was his first volley in what looks to be a onslaught of artillery hits right to the heart of the Republican Party officials that were responsible for the underhanded politics in 2000.

Why choose a virtually unheard of running mate who possesses little experience and virtually no national cache? That’s easy. Because he is in a position of absolute power and he can do as he pleases and there is nothing his party can do about it. He is throwing down the gauntlet with this selection. He is letting the old guard of the Republican Party know there is a new sheriff in town and he fully intends to clean house.

Why Sarah Palin? That is easy to understand as well when you use Magi Astrology. Sarah Palin’s most prominent astrological element is her Sun-Mars-Saturn eclipse, meaning all of those planets are conjunct and parallel, and the effect is four times that of a normal three planet alignment. The Magi Society has found through their astrological research that planetary eclipse energy tends to dominate a chart. This case is no exception. It is the hub of wheel in defining who Sarah Palin is; a supercharged bulldozer. Then you add on Ceres in sextile with the triple conjunction and the picture reveals a very tough, exceedingly aggressive woman who shoots first and asks questions later. This is a multi-planet alignment reflective of a cobra, a shark and a lone wolf (note that her staff didn’t even know she had left the state, even as she was standing in a airport hanger in Ohio awaiting to be introduced as McCain’s running mate).While the Juno aspects she has to the feminine planets, Venus and Neptune attest to her allure and sex appeal, do not let that fool you. She can be lethal. She will take you out at your knees. She is intimidated by no one, rather she is the one that does the intimidating. She is beholden to no one, which made her very attractive to McCain because none of the Party establishment had their hooks in her. The key element in their geometry is the how her triple conjunction interacts with McCain’s T-Square, which is his focus planetary alignment. Her triple conjunction is positioned in such a way that it trines his Chiron and quincunxes his Venus creating a combined Cinderella Mystic Triangle. Combined Mystic Triangles are very powerful bonding alignments, and by having a Cinderella Linkage as a part of the Mystic Triangle there is a huge measure of compatibility and shared fondness. This Mystic Triangle will be of great assistance in their business relationship and will serve as a barrier to anyone who tries to divide them. Both people are accustomed to being dominant and holding the position of control in all of their relationships, which makes it worth noting that Palin has the larger measure of control in this relationship as evidenced by her having Saturn dominance in their combined alignment charts. McCain’s allowing this to occur is most probably attributed to his weakness for beautiful women. She literally is disarming to him.

In heliocentric Palin has a conjuncted trine of Neptune conjunct Juno and they are both trine Chiron. This alignment makes her a Cinderella (if this isn’t a rags to riches story, I don’t know what is) and an exceptionally alluring and charming one at that. She clearly uses her allure and charm to disarm people, but make no mistake, Sarah Palin can morph into viper in less that a second. McCain’s Chiron is in quincunx with her Neptune creating another Cinderella linkage which will really help to soften McCain somewhat when they are campaigning together. And his Chiron trine, and Venus quincunx, with her triple conjunction in geocentric helps to take the edge off of her over aggressiveness and combativeness at the right times, and then in turn it feeds it and makes it more potent at other times. McCain knows Palin is a pit bull; it’s just that she is now his pit bull.

“I don’t think America realized how much of an attack dog she is” Cindy McCain’s (John McCain’s wife) comments on NBC after Sarah Palin’s speech at the Republican National Convention on September 3, 2008.

The Magi Astrology also indicates all is not rosy for this pairing. There are many more Saturn clashes on both sides of the equation than you would like to see in a partnership such as this. These clashes will inhibit momentum, stifle wisdom and cause several roadblocks in their relationship. The most noteworthy is a Nuclear Clash featuring McCain’s Saturn contra-parallel Palin’s Jupiter. Saturn is separating from the Jupiter which makes this Nuclear Clash a little less volatile and certainly much less impactful than the three Nuclear Clashes in the Obama-Biden Combined Alignment Chart. But I believe the Nuclear clash has already has had an impact. The Magi Society has found through exhaustive research studies that what makes Nuclear clashes so dangerous in relationship is that they create horrible, catastrophic lapses in judgment, particularly for Jupiter person; in this case Palin. Cleary, Palin is no more qualified to be Vice President than she is to be an astronaut, and had any one other than John McCain offered the invitation, she most likely would have respectfully declined. He impairs her ability to make wise decisions.

At the time of announcement and continuing into the fall of ‘08 Palin is undergoing several turbulent transits that have the power to impact her career and her family. These transits are led by two Heartbreak Transits with transiting Saturn forming an opposition to her natal Chiron in both the geocentric (exact 9-13-08) and heliocentric (exact 11-9-08) realms. These very disruptive transits helped to cloud her decision making in evaluating the offer from McCain, and they will continue to impact her greatly on the campaign trail. She will be taking many hits from the media, democrats and possibly even her own party. As illustrated above, Palin has no fear of playing rough. She has the steal incased personal constitution to absorb those hits without flinching, however the fallout of those hits could be long lasting. They have the potential to be devastating enough to cause permanent damage to her career.

The day of the announcement and the week leading up to the announcement had very turbulent planetary alignments, highlighted by a transiting Heartbreak Clash with Saturn contra-parallel Chiron as well as a Saturn contra-parallel Juno alignment. These alignments will not be helpful at all to the campaign. They will create perpetual obstacles within the campaign that will divert energy away from the positive aspects of her candidacy. Any points gained from using the announcement of Palin to eclipse Obama’s Democratic Nomination speech, reducing its news shelf life to 12 hours, will be out weighed over time with the relentless critique of this shocking choice by McCain.

McCain is showing with this choice of Palin’s as his running mate, he absolutely has intentions of redistributing power within the Republican Party. His snub of several well qualified republican vice presidential candidates is the first of many hand grenades he will be throwing into Republican Party headquarters.

In the larger context of the Presidency of the Untied States, this decision by McCain is reflective of a man who absolutely has designs on making some substantial changes across the board. You do not draft a Sarah Palin to defend or to maintain. You draft a Sarah Palin when you are going on the attack. When your intention is to throw diplomacy by the wayside and kick in the door, you want to have a Sarah Plain next to you.

Was it the smart choice in the long run? Time will ultimately tell the story, but at this time it looks like it was a reach. McCain was having a Saturn parallel to his Juno transit which was nearly exact at the time of the announcement. It would be indicative of his having a far too optimistic outlook of Palin’s selection and her ability to be of assistance to him and the campaign. It would also be the primary reason he was focusing on her strengths and ignoring the gigantic set of Samsonite luggage she carries with her. Granted she is a vibrant, successful working mother with a son in the armed forces and that will make her very likable to many voters. She has earned her political stripes going after abuses of power and that will also play dividends with the electorate. She has the look, she has the winning personality and she has the brutal toughness McCain cherishes in a political partner. However, that in no way can overcome the facts: she is woefully under qualified for the position, she comes from Alaska and carries no national cache, she has created a long list of enemies in a very short time, she has an infant special needs child as well as a pregnant teenager, and there is a dark cloud of unresolved ethics allegations in Alaska that follows her into the presidential campaign.

In short, Sarah Palin will struggle to pull her own weight in John McCain’s campaign for president. If elected she will need copious amounts of hand holding until she gets her sea legs. There will be a steep leaning curve for Palin and her astrological dynamics with McCain suggest a two steps forward, one and half steps back, dynamic will be in play making progress painfully slow. Unfortunately, McCain has just two short months before the public makes their choice and time is not on his side in regards to Palin. Eventually, Palin will offer some assistance for McCain, but the price he will have to pay until she becomes effective could be crippling to him. Instead of choosing someone who will lighten his campaign load, he just strapped another 130 pounds on his back as he runs a two month marathon to win the votes of the citizens of the United States.

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