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Real Estate

Make a Profit When You Buy It

Author, Robert Kiosaki in his acclaimed book on acquiring wealth, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” makes the case that profits are really made at the time of purchase, not at the time of sale. While he was referring to the importance of purchasing at the right price, if you are going to make money when you sell, his tenet on making profits is in complete harmony with Magi Astrological theory. The day you take ownership of your property is the birthday of that transaction and it sets into motion the energy that was cemented as a result of your new acquisition. Your best chance at increasing the value of your asset is cemented on the day you acquire that asset.

Real estate is often the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. For most people it is the most significant asset in their financial portfolio. For just a fraction of the value of your purchase, you could have the satisfaction of knowing that you took ownership of your property on an auspicious day that planted the seeds for success.

The most important day of the transaction is the exact day you take legal ownership of the property.  This date has tremendous astrological significance for the buyer, and very little for the seller. The date you take ownership usually has some flexibility and it is well worth negotiating for your best day; just as you would negotiate for the best price.

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Choose the Right Realtor for You
Working with a professional on any major transaction requires lots of trust. You also need someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and will serve as your advocate in the sometimes confusing world we live in.  An expert Realtor can make all the difference in helping to find just exactly what you want at a price you can afford and getting you the very best price for your current property.

I offer a service where I can give you information on how your energy and your realtor’s energy mesh with one another. This reading can give you insight into what your strengths and weaknesses are as a team and help you avoid uncomfortable circumstances.

This reading does not assess technical or professional expertise, that’s your responsibility. This reading is focused on helping you find a person with whom you really work well, enabling you to avoid the disappointment, stress and anxiety that comes from a poorly matched team.

The process is very easy.  You provide me with the birth dates of the prospective realtors that you have an interest in working with, and I use Magi Astrology to help you to determine which relationship contains the most harmony and success.

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It Works Both Ways; I Help Realtors, Too
Realtors, I offer a service for you as well. Exceptionally difficult clients can be a disaster for your business. They devour your time and energy. Using Magi Astrology, I can tell you in advance if you are incompatible with a client. Allowing you to refer them to someone else and exit the relationship before it gets contentious.

The Get; Help with New Listings
I can also help you increase your closing rate on a new listing or as a buyer’s broker by identifying particularly strong days for you to initiate the relationship and great days to sign the contract.

Faster Sales
It is to everyone’s benefit to sell the property as fast as possible and still get a strong price. Listing the property on an auspicious day for real estate can make all the difference in the world. I have had outstanding success in helping people find the best day to list their property.

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