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Financial Successes

Auspicious Days for Money
Magi Astrology can help you with your finances. There are some very important financial dates that are well served by having a qualified Magi Astrologer select them for you.

Note: Astrology is not a replacement for financial and legal representation. It is intended to enhance your experience by pointing you towards the most auspicious days to execute your important documents. You are encouraged to engage the most competent financial and legal representation available. A good astrological day will not necessarily save a poorly executed contract or will.

Contracts and Wills
There are some agreements that you are not able to monitor for the entire time the agreement is in effect. Signing contracts and wills on days that reflect promises that are kept helps to give you peace of mind that what you intended to happen will indeed take place.

Bank and Brokerage Accounts
The days you open financial accounts are actually very critical to your long term financial outlook and one of the easier things you can do to improve your financial condition. You want to open these accounts days with strong planetary geometry that include Golden Linkages and Financial Progressions.

Stocks and Bonds
As Author, Robert Kiosaki writes in his acclaimed book on acquiring wealth, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” profits are really made at the time of purchase, not at the time of sale. Using auspicious astrological days to make purchases of stocks and bonds helps you to start the transaction off with the best energy.

Note: You cannot make money on stocks and bonds with just astrology. You cannot circumvent the value of sound financial advice from a qualified professional. You can however, use Magi Astrology to enhance the process by making your purchase on an auspicious day.

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