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At its core, Astrology is a symbolic language and as an astrologer, the main part of my job is that of a translator. My quest is to make the information that Astrology offers accessible to everyone. What’s most important is your comprehension and integration of the information I provide into a useful set of ideas and concepts. You will find I have tremendous skill in being able to convey ideas in such a way that you can instantly grasp the concept and integrate it into your situation.

The preponderance of evidence confirms the validity of Astrology to me. However, you do not have to believe in astrology for it to benefit substantially from it. All that is necessary, is your willingness to entertain the possibility that it can helpful.

I have a strong counseling/consulting background. I honor you, the client, as the most important element of this process. The charts and calculations take a back seat to you and your concerns. By relating to you at whatever place you happen to be occupying, I hold the space for you to be in a place of non-judgment and acceptance.  I help you to acknowledge the present, in whatever form that looks like, and use it as a foundation for discovering meaningful pathways to the future.

The planets and stars are speaking to us. Magi Astrology can accurately interpret the message