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Magi Kevin

Kevin McCorry is one of only 4 astrologers in the U.S. to have earned the highest level of certification offered by the Magi Society. Kevin joined the Magi Society in 2001. He was granted the title of Magi in 2005 and became fully Certified in 2006. Within the Magi Society he is known as Magi Kevin. The full endorsement by the Magi Society signifies he has superior expertise in Magi Astrology Principles and Theories. It also assures you that he has the highest of qualifications in all facets of Magi Astrology.


The Magi Society is the largest astrological association in the world with over 5000 members. Magi Astrology has accomplished what mainstream traditional astrology could not. The Magi Society has developed a logical researched based system that is accurate and consistently verifiable. While it shares the name “astrology “with other methodologies, that is about all it shares. Magi Astrology is substantially different and shares less than a 10% similarity with traditional astrology. It does not use houses or signs or any other technique that cannot be proven to be statistically valid and relevant.


Magi Kevin writes astrological education articles for the Magi Society You can read some of his entries on the Magi Society Blog here: