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Astrology Background

Kevin McCorry is a full-time professional astrologer since establishing his practice in 2001. He is a scientific astrologer whose methodology is based on planetary geometry. He eschews mainstream/popular astrology in favor of astrological methodology derived from research done in accordance with generally accepted scientific principles. He works with clients from all over the world from his base in Colorado. His unique talents and diverse background allow him to be equally effective counseling individuals as well as consulting with businesses. Kevin has co-instructed magi astrology certification classes since 2006 and he has lectured for various astrological groups on a variety of topics.

Business Background

Kevin's business and industry experience is rich and diverse. Prior to becoming an astrologer, Kevin spent many years in the business world in both management and consultant capacities. His work history is primarily in the areas of Operations, Marketing, Strategic Positioning and Corporate Executive Training.


Kevin received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy. He was two-time recipient of the prestigious "Colorado Scholars" scholarship award.

Kevin McCorry looking at a Magi AstroChart on his laptop computer