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Want a great outcome? Make a great choice...

The essential questions are always Who, What, Where, When and How. Those questions have been around since the beginning of civilization. For the Babylonians, 4000 years ago, they developed an astrological system to help them with their choices. While it was rudimentary, their system of astrology was actually quite elegant and very helpful in giving them valuable information to make good decisions. It helped them to clarify, simplify and identify the best choices. Their Astrological system produced information that was relatively accurate and reliable.
A young male and female couple embraces and smiles for the camera. Magi Astrology helps people to indentify true love.
In our modern world of accelerated technology and information overload many of our issues and their corresponding choices have gotten much more complicated. Thankfully there is a “state of the art” astrology to keep pace with the times. Magi Astrology is the most powerful and robust astrological tool set in the world. By taking astrology and putting it through rigorous statistical analysis, we have been able to create one of the most powerful scientific tools known to man. Utilize it and it will absolutely help you to achieve your dreams.

Magi Astrology has immerged as the premier tool to help you make great choices in today’s world. Magi Astrology has identified and confirmed the planetary alignments the reflect success and failure in all kinds of life events (relationships, marriage, jobs, business ventures, etc…). These discoveries have taken Astrology to a whole new level of effectiveness.

What if you can create a pattern for a successful outcome before you even start? The power of Magi Astrology is in helping you before “it” happens. The most impacting information to help you succeed in any endeavor is fore knowledge of the most auspicious day to start. That’s right! Before you begin, you need to know when the planetary alignments are going to be in your favor. Astrology is absolutely the most beneficial prior to starting any new endeavor. Why? Because you can choose to birth your new endeavor when the planets are in the best alignment for success.

Male college student stands smiling next to a blackboard. He knows Magi Astrology will help him to be successful.
A married couple imeeting with a financial advisor. Magi Astrology helps them to make great financial choices.

Cupid is shooting an arrow of love. Magi Astrology helps you to make great choices, giving you the best opportunity to find true love.

Magi Astrology is "State of the Art"

While there are some similarities between Magi Astrology and Traditional Astrology, the differences are pronounced. Using computer analysis and rigorous research techniques designed by leading statisticians, Magi Astrology has become high tech astrology. The Magi have shown astrology done correctly using a logical methodology can be provable, consistent and reliable.

Magi Astrology is responsible for some of the most monumental, ground breaking discoveries in astrology in the last 30 years.

  • The necessary elements of incredible sexual chemistry and how to reliably identify a sexually compatible partner.
  • "Heartbreak," "Nuclear" and "Poorhouse" time cycles where both love and money can be at risk. And of course, wise and prudent strategies for successfully negotiating these turbulent time periods in your life.
  • The crucial elements such as "Super Aspects," "Golden and Silver Linkages" and "Saturn Clashes" that truly foretell business and financial success or failure.
  • The amazing and enchanting "Cinderella Aspects, Transits, Progressions and Linkages" that bring romance, marriage and financial success into your life.
  • The principles around "Primary Linked Charts" and why carefully selected marriage dates and business incorporation dates give you a tremendous advantage.

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Astrology in Brief

Astrology is an ancient science of tapping into higher consciousness. Just as modern scientists have un-locked genetic code through DNA analysis, the cosmic code of the world, and how you fit in it, is unlocked through astrological analysis. The universe is holographic. DNA is the micro. Astrology is the Macro. Both provide you with important information.

Astrology has two distinct types of information. First, is Natal Chart information. A Natal Chart is the birth chart of a living thing. Second, is Event Chart (also known as a Historical Chart) information. As the name implies, Event charts represent the initiation or birth of things that are not alive. A Wedding Chart or a Business Incorporation Chart are good examples of these type of charts.

Natal Chart Astrology reveals your unique talents, helping you to find the situations that best suit you and to plan successful strategies for living your life to the fullest. Astrology serves as a terrific compliment and enrichment to any journey of growth. And, as if that in and of itself were not enough, Astrology is also a science of change. The nature of life dictates that all living things change. Astrology offers many keen insights on change and life transitions. It can lend substantial assistance as you transition through your life.

Event Chart Astrology also reveals innate characteristics, but unlike a Natal Chart, the Historical/Event chart is not connected to a living thing and therefore has no consciousness associated with it. So the rules are a little different. But these charts are vitally important. Without exception, for you to generate success then the initiation dates of important life events must be conducted on auspicious astrological days.